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Alice K. David, MD

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Dr. Alice David Oncologist at Augusta Oncology


Dr. David completed her fellowship in Medical Oncology & Hematology at Fox Chase Cancer Center / Temple University Health System, Philadelphia, in June 2002 after completing her residency in Internal Medicine at University of Pennsylvania Health System . She was with Medical Oncology Associates from 2002 to 2005 and joined Augusta Oncology July 2005. Dr. David is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.

Her approach being described by patients as “gentle” yet “thorough,” Dr. Alice David believes in combining compassion and empathy with evidence-based cancer management. Dr. David serves frequently as consultant for several oncology networks, which bring together cancer specialists to discuss the latest medical advances. This is a priority, since she wants to offer the best choices to her patients.

What motivated her into choosing Oncology as a sub-specialty was experiencing her own mother face the diagnosis of cancer. Having felt God’s sustaining strength and grace during her mother’s illness, Dr. David believes she is able to address the challenges faced by her patients and their families.

Music is a passion for Dr. David. In her spare time, she likes to cook and entertain, is fond of traveling, and enjoys spending time with her husband John, daughter Joanna & her husband Anthony, and specially with her two granddaughters, Leah and Adriel.


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