Augusta Oncology appointment

New Patient Forms

If you’re new to our practice, you will need to complete New Patient forms. You may have completed similar forms elsewhere; however, it’s important that you fill out and submit these specific forms so that our team can provide you the highest level of care while adhering to legal guidelines. The forms will be available for you to fill out when you arrive for your appointment, or you may access them here to print out at home to bring along with you.

What to Expect

A new patient appointment will take longer than follow-up visits. During your first visit, you will see a physician, who will perform a thorough examination. The remainder of your visit will be spent with the physician and care team discussing your diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment options. You will likely have lab work done. An individualized care plan will be made for you and your follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

Patients may arrive after you, but may be called ahead of you – please do not be alarmed if this happens. Patients are scheduled for a variety of reasons with various departments that follow unique schedules. Each physician has a clinical team consisting of a medical assistant and two RN’s. This approach enhances the quality and continuity of care along with keeping an open line of communication with your care team.

Our goal is to make each visit to our practice as stress free as possible.