Cancer and its treatments can affect all areas of the body including your bones. At Augusta Oncology and Aiken Oncology, we’re committed to keeping your bones healthy before, during, and after treatment by monitoring your bone health with our in-office bone density test.  Determining your risk for fractures and preventative care for osteoporosis has never been easier!

What is a bone density scan?

A bone density scan measures the strength of the bone by looking at the amount of calcium it contains. Usually the scan will focus on your hip or lower spine. Depending on how low your bone mineral density is, your doctor may diagnose osteopenia – mild bone loss – or osteoporosis.

Risk factors

One in five men and one in three women over age 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, and most of those at high risk are never identified or treated.  A bone fracture can adversely – and significantly – alter a person’s quality of life.  Additional health issues can arise from complications related to the fracture.  And the trauma of a fracture that requires surgery can even lead to death for senior citizens with existing health conditions.

Cancer and its treatments also can lead to bone loss. Specific causes include:

  • Some chemotherapy drugs, which can reduce calcium levels in the body
  • Radiation therapy to the pelvic area, especially in women over the age of 65
  • The spread of cancer to the bone from the original tumor site
  • Hormone therapy to suppress testosterone in prostate cancer patients
  • Steroid treatments

Fast & painless

Available at our Wheeler Road location and also at our Aiken office, this simple, non-invasive bone density test takes only six minutes. There’s no poking, no prodding, no discomfort whatsoever.  This procedure is also standard of care for those age 50 or older and the cost can often be deferred or even completely covered by your health insurance.

You’re just six minutes away from better bone health. Contact Augusta Oncology or Aiken Oncology to schedule your bone health screening appointment today.

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